Festevil Halloween Gathering

Festevil Halloween Gathering

Are you FestEVIL?

Welcome to HOPE HEIGHTS – THE INHABITANTS descend from the 2 families that occupy this land, The Hammonds and The Bacons.  Grandma Bacon, The Hammond Twins, Bacon Boy and Uncle Hammond to name just a few, lived, loved and laughed here at Hope Heights until the arrival of THE TORMENT!

15 years on we have been granted permission to host FESTEVIL here at Hope Heights for one night only.  You must however comply with the following 4 rules 1) Never touch an INHABITANT 2) Answer any question asked by an INHABITANT 3) Never set an INHABITANT free 4) Touch a Pig – You Die!

Featuring Tributes –  Guns Or Roses – Siknot – Higher On Maiden – Gods Of Thunder (Kiss) – South Of Heaven (Slayer) – Nirvana UK